Australian Performance Comedy as an Agent of Change!

Comedy Country is about Australian comic performance and its relationship with social and cultural change from 1945 to the present.

“Mum, I don't
want to be RICH,
I want to be EFFLUENT!”

- Kath and Kim

We seek answers to questions about the nature of comedy in Australian society and to understand its significance in propelling, calibrating and mediating cultural and social change.

“The thing about comedy is
it gives you a platform
to expose your own shortcomings,
so it becomes a public display of

- Hannah Gadsby

We look at the role and limits of humour as a powerful expression of social values and moral codes, of what is racist, what is sexist, what is offensive, what is obscene, who can we laugh at, when and why?

Project Outputs!

50 Short Documentaries!

A Virtual & Physical

25 Podcasts!

AR Tour of Melbourne’s
Comedy Hotspots!

Over 1000 Documents
and Objects Digitised!

Publications and Books!

“I often joke that my comedy heroes are black men, the queer community and Jewish women.”

- Nakkiah Lui